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Perforated Metal Production Lines

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As SACFORM, we are able to provide Perforation Production Lines to our customers for different Type of Coils and sheet dimensions.


Our Perforation Production Lines (Hole Punching Production Line) consist of following equipment;

  • Hydraulic Decoiler
  • Hydraulic Coil Car
  • Coil Straightener
  • Servo Feeder specially designed for Perforation
  • H-Type Eccentric Laminating Press
  • Hole Punching Stamp
  • Guillotine Shear
  • Motorized Conveyor
  • Stacking Unit for Cut Sheets
  • Separating and Tensioning Unit
  • Hydraulic Recoiler with Outboard Support
  • Hydraulic Units and Electronic Control Systems

 Exterior Units can be addable to our Perforation Production Lines depending on our customer’s requirements; such as Corner/Miter cut and bending system, Leveler, Slitting Unit.

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With SACFORM’s Perforation Production Lines, it is possible to use various materials for perforation; Aluminum, DKP, HRP, Brass, Black Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Copper and Copper Alloys

SACFORM’s Perforation Production Line’s working ranges are 0.4 – 3 mm for Thicknesses and up to 1600 mm for Widths.

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Wide variety of Patterns can be provided by SACFORM’s Perforation Production Lines, which depends on our Customer’s desired Manufacturing; Round Hole, Square Hole, Hexagonal, Slot Hole, Triangular Hole, Staggered and many more patterns

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Perforated Materials are being used in countless areas in both Daily Lives and in Industrial Areas.

To name a few;

Automotive, Electric and Electronic, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies, Machinery, Agriculture, Food Industry, Ventilating Systems, Filter Production, Jig and/or Mill Screens, Rubber and Plastic Industry, Decoration and Furniture Industry, Lighting Industry, Sound and Thermal Insulation, Sound System Equipment, Shelf and Machine Tools, Product Display Stand Manufacturing, Pastry and Bakery Equipment, Rack Cabinet and Panel Manufacturing, Outdoor Furniture Production, Machinery Casing, Walking Platforms.

Perforated Metal Sheets can be manufactured in many variations on request with different Decorative Patterns and dimensions. Perforated Sheets are mainly preferable both for their lightness and sound/light/air permeability.

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Usage Area of Perforated Metal Sheet

Automotive, Building industry, Electricity, Brewing industry, Food industries, Agriculture, Shipbuilding industry,Highways & Railways, Quarries and brick making.

Metal Perforated Production Lines 2020

Metal Perforated Production Line 2020

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