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RML Servo Feeders with Straightener

Servo Feeders with Straightener ( Mini )

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Mini Servo Feeder with Straightener is Designed by SACFORM R&D Team, as First Time in the World for Straightening and Feeding for Narrow Width of Coil. Our Design has Developed to Save Energy, Work Area and Maintenance Costs.

Mini Servo Feeder with Straightener Model is named as RML or HDS.

RML203_Servo_Feeders_with_Straightener_Feeding_SACFORM_2019 (1).jpg

Mini Servo Feeder with Straightener Model is called as RML.jpg

SACFORM Produces has mass production of RML machines with technological production technics. Machine bodies are stress relieved and manufactured according to CE Norms.

RML Model machinery has working capacity of 0.3 – 3 mm thickness and 100 – 200 mm width.

RML Model product consists of 7 pieces 85 mm diameter 4140 material HRC 58 – 60 Surface treated rollers; 5 straighteners and 2 servo rollers.


RML203_Servo_Feeders_with_Straightener_Feeding_SACFORM_2019 (2).jpg

Benefits of RML Model:

  • Since RML Model is attached to Press Body, Design of RML Model minimizes guiding need between servo rollers and mold.
  • High Precision Feeding provides long life time for the progressive molds. Moreover, accurate piloting control enable ideal work with progressive and deep drawing molds.

RML Models has a control panel with 7” colorful ergonomic LCD touch panel, HMI. HMI Panel and its Software provide synchronization work of Press and Press Feeding Line in full automatic mode. Also, software and PLC provides up to 8 external outputs and inputs for Lubrication System, Multiple Press Control, and Mold Piston Control. Software is equipped with 250 different mold memories and 50 different feeding length memories. Moreover, software is open ended which enables programming and usage updates in case of customer’s request.

RML Models / Technical Details

RML203_Servo_Feeders_with_Straightener_Feeding_SACFORM_2019 (8).jpg

RML Servo Feeders with Straightener