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Metal Parts Production Systems

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Automotive Spare Parts, Furniture Hardware, Metal Furniture, Doors, Windows, White Goods and Construction Materials.

  • Vehicle Body Parts
  • Furniture Hinges
  • Cabinet Rails
  • Perforated Sheet Metal Production
  • Door Lock Brackets
  • Window Mirror and Lock Brackets
  • Server Cabin Panels and Internal Profiles
  • Electrical Lighting Products
  • Natural Gas Pipe and Air Handle Clamps
  • C, Z, Omega Profiles
  • Drywall Panel Profiles
  • White Goods Panels
  • Industrial kitchen equipment
  • Cable Tray Production
  • Scaffolding Systems Production
  • Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine
  • Storage Rack Production
  • Metal Grating Platform Production 


Perforated Sheet Metal Production / Link for details

Areas of Usage:

  • Metal Suspended Ceilings
  • Panels For Decoration Purpose
  • Agricultural Seed Filters
  • Acoustic Sound Insulation Panels
  • Professional Kitchen Equipment
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Ducts
  • Building Façade Systems


Cable Tray Production

  • Standard Size Cable Tray
  • Heavy Duty Type Cable Tray
  • Cable Tray Covers
  • Cable Ladder
  • Strap and Support Products
  • Marine Type Cable Tray


Scaffolding Systems Production / Link for details

  • Scaffolding Boards are used in indoor and outdoor areas of industrial plants since they are non-slippery, water and fire resistant, hygienic, resistant to environmental factors and ergonomic.
  • Constructional Scaffolding Systems
  • Walking Platforms
  • Ladder systems


Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine / Link for details

Mainly in Stainless Steel Production:

  • Ashtrays
  • Cooking Pot
  • Steel Bowl
  • Fork, Spoon, Knife
  • Baking Tray
  • Cooking Devices
  • Metal-parts-production-systems-sacform-5.jpg

Storage Rack Production

  • Heavy Duty Shelf Systems
  • Warehouse Shelf Systems
  • Market Shelving Systems
  • Back Panel
  • Top Shelves
  • Horizontal and Vertical Profiles
  • Shelf Support Products


Metal Grating Platform Production Lines / Link for details

  • Notched Grating Platform
  • Square Twisted Honeycomb Platform
  • Half-Insert Honeycomb Grating Platform
  • Full-insert Grating Platform
  • Step Grating Platform
  • Aluminum Grating Platform
  • Stainless Grating Platform

Metal Grating Platform SACFORM 2019 2.jpg

Metal Grating Platform SACFORM 2019.jpg

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