Sacform - Coil Slitting Lines 600

Coil Slitting Lines 600

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Our CLT 600 Slitting Lines are Specially Designed to have Proper Slitting for Narrower width of Coils than Standard.

As SACFORM, One of Our Strength is to Provide Special Solutions and Designs with Our Expertized and Experienced R&D Team, with Maintaining the Continuous Quality, according to Our Customer’s Supply and Demand.

We present our Coil Slitting Lines according to Our Customers' Efficiency Target along with Material Quality, Slitted Sheet Dimensions, Coil Weight to be Worked with.

With SACFORM’s Slitting Line, not Only the Standard Materials, also Special Materials can be Slitted with High Quality and Precise Cutting Tolerances; Such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Tin Coated, Painted, Aluminum, Chrome, Zinc, etc...



Coil Slitting Line Equipments and Machineries;

  • Hydraulic Loading Car
  • Hydraulic Decoiler
  • Transfer Unit for Slitting
  • Slitting Unit
  • Blades
  • Scrap Winder(s)
  • Pit Table & Pit
  • Separating and Tensioning Unit
  • Over Arm Separator
  • Hydraulic Recoiler and Outboard Support
  • Exit Coil Car
  • Control Panels

Coil Slitting Machine SLT 600 Cuttin Sacform 2.jpgCoil Slitting Machine SLT 600 Cuttin Sacform 3.jpg

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