Sacform Machine

Coil Slitting Line ( BANGLADESH )


We delivered and installed a Coil Slitting Line, with a production capacity of 20 Tons of weight, to our customer who is an LPG Cylinder Manufacturer, in Bangladesh. Our Line enables to process the Coils with the 1600 mm of width and 1-4 mm of thicknesses.

The content of the Slitting Line;

Hydraulic Decoiler
Hydraulic Coil Car
Transfer Unit for Slitting
Slitting Unit
Blades (Optional)
Scrap Winder
Pit Table & Pit
Separating and Tensioning Unit
Over Arm Separator
Hydraulic Recoiler And Outboard Support
Exit Coil Car
Hydraulic and Electronic Control Unit Systems

YEAR: 2020
WE DID: Stainless Steel Material

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