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Double Head Decoiler

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Double Head Decoiler

The double head decoiler is a decoiler designed to minimize uncoiling time. The uncoiler has 2 rollers. One drum is designed to load the uncoiler while the other is designed to replace the opened sheet immediately with a new one. In this way, the coil sheet opener does not stop in any way and maximum efficiency is obtained in a minimum time. Another name of double-head uncoilers is double drum uncoiler. The aim is to complete the uncoiling process in the fastest way by minimizing the roll loading time.

Double Head Decoiler Technical Specifications

Double-head dec0ilers have a roll carrying capacity of 750 kg to 6000 kg. With these openers, which have a speed control system, sheets of thickness between 30mm and 600mm can be processed. With the opener, which has sensors with distance adjustment, production errors or production accidents are prevented. The brake pad system is very successful, this system is activated quickly when the machines need to stop abruptly. It has a conical chuck system. It can open the coil sheets in both directions.

Double Head Decoiler Prices

The purpose of double-head decoilers is to minimize production time. That’s why this machine has been produced in addition to the single head roll angles. It is very suitable for businesses that want to have fast production. If you also want fast production and at the same time want to minimize the production error, double-head uncoilers are just for you. Double head uncoiler prices vary depending on the capacity and technical features of the machine. Contact us immediately to get a price quote. As SACFORM, we manufacture the latest technology uncoilers for quality and error-free production. For double drum uncoiler prices, all you need to do is contact us.