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Hydraulic Decoiler

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Hydraulic Decoiler

Hydraulic Decoiler Models and Prices. To buy the best quality hydraulic decoiler models at the best price, click now and get information!

What is a hydraulic decoiler?

The hydraulic uncoiler is a machine that is used to open the roll sheet material. There are different uncoiler models with the capacity to open coils between 6 tons and 30 tons. Uncoilers are used for unwinding coil sheets with widths of 600- 800 – 1300 – 1600 – 2000 mm. With hydraulic uncoilers, it is very easy to install and remove the roll from the machine. Therefore, it is preferred over manual uncoilers. At this stage, a hydraulic loading trolley is used. The process of changing the coil sheets and installing the new coil in this trolley provides ease of loading and fast coil change.

A circular drum is used in hydraulic uncoilers. This allows the coiled sheets to be opened easily without deterioration.

Hydraulic Decoiler Technical Specifications

Hydraulic uncoilers are products that can be sold with a coil transport trolley. In this context, we can list the technical features of hydraulic uncoilers as follows;

  • It has a speed control system.
  • It has the feature of opening in both directions.
  • A pneumatic upper-pressure arm is used.
  • Controlled by a laser sensor.
  • Minimum roll carrying capacity: 6000 kg
  • Maximum roll carrying capacity: 20.000 kg
  • Minimum material width: 80 mm
  • Maximum material width: 1600 mm
  • Mandrel Type: Hydraulic

Hydraulic Decoiler Prices

Hydraulic decoiler prices vary depending on the weight of the roll it carries. Prices of 10 tons of hydraulic decoilers and 20 tons of hydraulic decoilers are different from each other. In this context, you can contact SACFORM to get the best quality hydraulic uncoilers at the most affordable price. SACFORM serves you with its wide production network and quality machinery. Call us now and buy the best quality uncoilers at a cheap price.