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Mechanical Decoiler

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Mechanical Decoiler

It is a high-tech roll-forming machine in sheet metal processing.

Decoiler systems are offered to you with driven and non-driven models. It is an uncoiler system suitable for unwinding or wrapping iron-steel or non-ferrous materials. It is a Coil Sheet Rolling Machine with Proximity Sensor and Speed ​​Control.

It has a very durable, robust steel body against bending and twisting. It is a very practical and long-lasting system for forming coiled sheets. It is a first-class special production mechanical uncoiler. They are the machines with the longest life and technical features among the uncoilers and Servo drives.

Mechanical Decoiler Technical Specifications

  • It has optional features that prevent the dispersion of the rolled sheet.
  • It has driven and non-driven options.
  • It has a mechanical chuck opening system.
  • Decoiler can be rotated manually or automatically in all directions. NS
  • It has a pneumatic top pressure system.
  • All mechanical uncoilers are CE compliant.
  • It has a frequency inverter.
  • Decoiler has a sensor and engine speed and acceleration control system.
  • It also has a motor acceleration ramps adjustment and a loop control system.

Mechanical Decoiler Prices

Mechanical uncoiler prices vary depending on the technical features of the machines. As SACFORM, we offer you the highest quality and durability decoiler products. We have different uncoilers, including manual, mechanical and hydraulic. For more information and prices, all you have to do is contact us.