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Plate Straigtening Machine

A plate straightening machine is used to flatten bent and damaged plates with the help of rollers. This machine, which is used to flatten the plates between 3mm and 60mm thickness, has a steel construction body. Thanks to this body, the machine can be used for many years without being damaged.

Plate Straightening Machine Technical Specifications

Generally used as 9, 10, and 11 rollers. A plate straightening machine with 13 rollers can be produced upon request. It has a 90mm cylinder diameter. Suitable for 1300mm wide sheet metal. Also suitable for straightening carbon steel, stainless steel, and sheet metal. Another important feature of the plate straightening machine is that it straightens the plates without scratching and damaging them. The machine does not create any scratches on the surface of the plate. It provides professional solutions by forming smooth surfaces. It can be run with CNC codes.

Plate Straightening Machine Prices

Plate straightening machine prices vary according to the number of rollers. Machines produced by SACFORM are guaranteed. You can use plate leveling machines with confidence for many years. Its stainless steel body ensures long-lasting use. For plate leveling machine prices, all you have to do is contact us. If you have damaged metal plates and you want to fix them as quickly as possible and bring them into production, plate straightening machines are for you. Call us now and benefit from advantageous prices.

Special design production is made according to the customer’s request.