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Compact Press Feeding

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Compact Press Feeding

Let’s take a closer look at the compact press feeding systems that enable the processing of rolled sheet metals in a single machine, what are their advantages.

What are compact press feeding systems?

Compact press feeding systems enable the processing of rolled sheet metals in a short time in a single machine. Uncoiling, straightening, and drive systems are used in these compact machines. It is generally used in areas where production should be serial. It is used to process coiled sheets between 2500kg and 15.000kg. The most important advantage of compact systems is that 3 operations can be done easily in a single machine. Compact press feeding systems are divided into 3 classes as H, L, and M series.

Compact Press Feeding Systems Technical Specifications

Compact press feeding systems, which are the cornerstone of mass and rapid production, have many advantageous technical features. These;

  • Precise sheet positioning with straightening adjustment
  • Fast solution with mold memory system
  • Provides press automation control.
  • Automatic mold height adjustment can be made.
  • Distance detection can be done with laser sensors.
  • Hydraulic or mechanical uncoilers can be used.
  • It has a pilot system.
  • A touch LCD screen is used.

Compact Press Feeding Systems Prices

Compact press feeding systems provide convenience in production. It enables professional production in a single machine, especially in narrow areas. There are many types of compact press feeding systems. Therefore, it is not possible to give a single price for compact systems. Call us now for the prices of the compact press feeding system you need.