Press Servo Feeders

Press Servo Feeders

Press servo feeders are machines with a simple and easy programming system. Automation control is provided by presses. Servo motor system is very fast, efficient, and long-lasting. It is often preferred because it can be programmed simply and easily.

Our servo drive model, designed with the work of SACFORM’s R&D Team, enables our customers to save space, energy, and maintenance costs.

Technical Specifications

  • Coil Feeding Sheet Thickness Capacity is between 0.4 mm and 3 mm.
  • It has a durable and long-lasting steel body.
  • It has support for multiple and 8 external outputs.
  • Press servo feeders have a touch and color LCD screen and a system that can be remotely connected.
  • It has at least 250 mold memories.
  • It provides long-lasting use with mold protection and mold lubrication systems.
  • Press servo feeders have Straightening Adjustment and Precise Positioning system.

Press Servo Feeder Prices

Press servo feeder prices vary depending on the technical features and capabilities of the machine. With SACFORM quality, we offer you the most durable, longest-lasting, and highest quality sheet metal processing machines. We offer press servo drives at the most affordable prices with the constantly updated capacities that we produce by following technological developments.

For price and detailed technical specifications, all you have to do is contact us.

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