Servo Feeders with Straightener

Servo Feeders with Straightener

A straightening servo drive is a machine used to straighten the bent parts of steel material.

It is manufactured to process materials up to 0.5 ~ 10mm thick with stock width capacities ranging from 200 – 1600 mm. These machines are durable and often an economical way to integrate straightening into press automation.

It is manufactured to handle a wide variety of material widths and thicknesses, thereby minimizing production waste.

Features of Servo Feeders with Straightener

  • It has a driver roller piloting system.
  • Straightening rollers can be adjusted separately.
  • Manual molding can be done at different levels.
  • Servo feeders have a maximum of 250 mold memories.
  • It is a highly professional driver system with a touch and color screen.
  • It has a 1600mm roll sheet width capacity.
  • There are entry and exit guides.
  • Sensor systems are available.
  • It works with hydraulic cylinders.
  • There is a driver entry sheet metal carrying shovel.
  • It has an external kiosk panel.

Technical Details

Servo Feeders with Straighteners are classified according to the number of rollers. The following servo drives are produced.

  • 7-roller Servo Feeders
  • 9-roller Servo Feeders
  • 11 roller Servo Feeders
  • 13-roller Servo Feeders

Uses Areas of Servo Feeders

When we look at the usage areas, we see that it is generally suitable for the metal processing industry.

  • LPG cylinder production line
  • Kitchen sink production line
  • Pot and pan production line

Servo Feeders with Straightener Prices

Servo Feeders with Straightener prices vary depending on the technical specifications of the drive and the number of rollers. If you want to buy affordable servo drives, you can rely on SACFORM quality and buy servo drives with the best price guarantee and fast delivery advantage. Contact us now for Servo Feeders with Straightener prices.

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