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Servo Feeders with Straightener

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Servo Feeders with Straightener

Let’s examine in detail what is Servo Feeders with Straightener, which enables the servo driver and straightener machine to be combined and produced in a single machine, what are its technical features.

What is a Servo Feeders with Straightener?

Servo feeders with a straightener are a production line used to process coiled sheet material. Servo driver and rectifier are combined in this machine. Before the coil is loaded onto the press feed line, it must be straightened. The straightening operation is also done after the roll is unrolled. After the rolled sheet material is opened, it becomes twisted. The twisted sheet should be straightened and loaded onto the press feeding line. In this way, the best parts of the sheet material are straightened.

The usage areas of rectified servo drives are quite wide. Rectifying servo drives are used in the following metal forming lines.

  • LPG cylinder production line
  • Kitchen sink production line
  • Cookware production line

Servo Feeders with Straightener Technical Specifications

There are 4 types of rectified servo drive models. These varieties are determined by the number of rollers. The technical features of the 7, 9, 11, and 13 roller servo drive models are as follows;

  • Coil sheet straightening capacity 1600mm
  • With individually adjustable straightening rollers
  • Mold level settings can be adjusted manually
  • Has 250 mold memory
  • Touch and color LCD screen
  • There are entry and exit guides.
  • It has a driver roller pilot system.

Servo Feeders with Straightener Prices

Rectified servo drive prices vary depending on the number of rollers and coil sheet processing capacity. We are at your service with rectified driver models that are high quality, long-lasting, and reduce production errors to zero. We offer you our production tracks with an understanding that never compromises on quality. Call us now for the servo driver you need and take advantage of advantageous rectified servo driver prices.