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Zigzag Servo Feeders

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Zigzag Servo Feeders

Zigzag servo feeders are designed to minimize production waste in disc-cutting operations. The cutting discs moving on the X and Y axes make cross cuts to minimize metal waste.

Zig Zag Servo Feeder Technical Specifications

  • Zigzag Servo Drive is suitable for processing sheet metal between 300 mm and 1300 mm.
  • Material thickness is between 0.6 and 6mm.
  • It is suitable for cutting special molds.
  • It has at least 250 mold memory.

Zig Zag Disc Cutting Servo Feeder Prices

Zigzag servo drive prices vary depending on the roll processing capacity. These machines, specially produced by SACFORM, aim to minimize the waste rate in production by processing rolled metals. For zigzag driver prices, all you have to do is contact us. Do not be late to take advantage of our advantageous price offers. Buy the best quality and longest-lasting servo drives at an affordable price.