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Coil Fed Laser Cutting Line

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Coil Fed Laser Cutting Lines enables Our Customers’ to Maximize their Production Capacity and Profitability, with Minimum waste and manpower needed.

These Lines are Especially preferable to have high Production Capacity and fine Cutting Quality without waste at Kitchen Equipments’ Manufacturing Area.

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Lines can be used with coil width up to 1600 mm , 0.3 -4 mm thickness and 20,000 kg coil weight.

Some of the Industrial Kitchen Equipments which are produced by Coil Fed Laser Cutting Lines are;

Ice Bucket, Cutlery, Steel Bowl, Steel Plate, Steel Egg Tray, Oven Tray, Oven, Tea and Coffee Machines, Steel Breadcrumbs, Stainless Steel Ashtrays, Cooking Equipments, Traveling Stones and so on.

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Line




Perforated Metal Sheets can be manufactured in many variations on request with different Decorative Patterns and dimensions. Perforated Sheets are mainly preferable both for their lightness and sound/light/air permeability.
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Coil Fed Laser Cutting Line

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Coil Fed Laser Cutting Line

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    What are the advantages of a coil-fed laser cutting line?

    Roll sheet laser cutting machine maximizes production capacity and minimizes production error. For this purpose, it is the ideal manufacturing machine for different sectors with its precision cutting feature. The aim is to produce the maximum number of products in the shortest time by reducing the production cost.

    What does a coil-fed laser cutting line do?

    Rolled sheet laser cutting machine is the machine that allows the sheets in roll form to be opened and cut into desired forms with the laser cutting method. These machines cut error-free using CNC codes. It is used for the production of metal parts needed by different sectors.

    Where is the roll sheet laser cutting machine used?

    Roll sheet laser cutting machine usage areas are as follows;

    • Production of stainless kitchenware
    • Automotive industry
    • Oil pipeline production
    • White goods production
    • Machinery industry
    • Factory industry that manufactures buses and vehicles
    • Manufacturing industry that produces parts for entertainment facilities