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Coil Slitting Lines

With SACFORM’s R&D department's continuous Renovative and Developed design studies; We provide increased Slitting Speed Capacity and enables you to Operate much Faster and Efficiently with our Slitting Lines.

In Standards, The Effective and High-Performance Slitting Lines are accessible with High Costs. With SACFORM’s Worldwide Qualified R&D Design, we present these Lines with such Cost-Effective and Reachable Prices.

As SACFORM, We Share our years of Experience and Knowledge of Slitting Lines with Iron-Steel Industry, along with our Mission of "Never Compromising from Production Quality."

Coil Slitting Line Equipments and Machineries;

  • Hydraulic Loading Car
  • Hydraulic Decoiler
  • Transfer Platform with Shear System
  • Slitting Unit
  • Slitting Blades
  • Scrap Winder(s)
  • Pit Covers & Pit
  • Separating & Tensioning Unit
  • Over Arm Separator
  • Hydraulic Recoiler
  • Outboard Support
  • Exit Coil Car
  • Control Panels



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