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Metal Parts Production Systems

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Metal Parts Production Systems

Automotive Spare Parts, Furniture Hardware, Metal Furniture, Doors, Windows, White Goods and Construction Materials.

  • Vehicle Body Parts
  • Furniture Hinges
  • Cabinet Rails
  • Perforated Sheet Metal Production
  • Door Lock Brackets
  • Window Mirror and Lock Brackets
  • Server Cabin Panels and Internal Profiles
  • Electrical Lighting Products
  • Natural Gas Pipe and Air Handle Clamps
  • C, Z, Omega Profiles
  • Drywall Panel Profiles
  • White Goods Panels
  • Industrial kitchen equipment
  • Cable Tray Production
  • Scaffolding Systems Production
  • Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine
  • Storage Rack Production
  • Metal Grating Platform Production

Perforated Sheet Metal Production / Link for details

Areas of Usage:

  • Metal Suspended Ceilings
  • Panels For Decoration Purpose
  • Agricultural Seed Filters
  • Acoustic Sound Insulation Panels
  • Professional Kitchen Equipment
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Ducts
  • Building Façade Systems

Cable Tray Production

  • Standard Size Cable Tray
  • Heavy Duty Type Cable Tray
  • Cable Tray Covers
  • Cable Ladder
  • Strap and Support Products
  • Marine Type Cable Tray

Scaffolding Systems Production / Link for details

  • Scaffolding Boards are used in indoor and outdoor areas of industrial plants since they are non-slippery, water and fire resistant, hygienic, resistant to environmental factors and ergonomic.
  • Constructional Scaffolding Systems
  • Walking Platforms
  • Ladder systems

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine / Link for details

Mainly in Stainless Steel Production:

  • Ashtrays
  • Cooking Pot
  • Steel Bowl
  • Fork, Spoon, Knife
  • Baking Tray
  • Cooking Devices

Storage Rack Production

  • Heavy Duty Shelf Systems
  • Warehouse Shelf Systems
  • Market Shelving Systems
  • Back Panel
  • Top Shelves
  • Horizontal and Vertical Profiles
  • Shelf Support Products

Metal Grating Platform Production Lines / Link for details

  • Notched Grating Platform
  • Square Twisted Honeycomb Platform
  • Half-Insert Honeycomb Grating Platform
  • Full-insert Grating Platform
  • Step Grating Platform
  • Aluminum Grating Platform
  • Stainless Grating Platform
Metal Parts Production Systems


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Metal Parts Production Systems

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    What are metal parts production systems?

    Metal part production systems are systems consisting of production lines that process sheet metal material and enable it to come into different forms. For example, automotive spare parts, furniture, doors, windows, white goods, and construction materials are produced in these systems. In addition, steel shelf production, suspended ceiling production, building exterior systems, cable channels, metal plank scaffolding systems, metal shelf production lines are produced on this system.

    What are the advantages of metal part production systems?

    Metal part production systems are a mass production method controlled by a CNC machine. By using uncoiler, servo drive, and press feeding systems, the coil sheet material is processed and parts are produced for different manufacturing sectors. Regardless of whether it is small or large, suitable parts are produced for every sector. It is a production method that is highly functional and minimizes the error rate in production. Metal part production lines make an environmentally friendly production by minimizing production waste. This helps to reduce the production cost.