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Steel Rack Production Lines

SACFORM has years of experience with Steel Rack/Shelf Manufacturing in the Related Industry. We Share our experiences and knowledge with our Solution Oriented Projects to our customers.

Steel Shelf / Rack Systems.

Possible to produce Faster and Cost Effective products with the Line we offer to our customers. Our production of steel Shelf/Rack systems are also known as archive shelves, warehouse shelves or heavy storage racks.

The widths and lengths of steel shelf products might varies. With our specialised production lines, our Customers can produce 300 - 900 mm of width and 300 -1300 mm lengths depending on the requirements.

We  also have the capacity for special solutions if our customer wants to have specific and Unique production.

Market Shelving Systems

The parts used with market shelves can be produced with Our Lines;upper shelves, inserts, shelf support products work on roller system to make production faster and flawless.

Market shelves with different sizes are available according to our customers’ requests.

We produce a wide range of products according to the dimensions and features in our market shelf production lines.

Warehouse Shelf Systems

Heavy duty warehouse rack production line consists of decoiler, loading car, straightener, servo feeder, press, roll form and cutting systems. In this system, product is perforating, forming and cutting into length.

Perforated Metal Sheets can be manufactured in many variations on request with different Decorative Patterns and dimensions. Perforated Sheets are mainly preferable both for their lightness and sound/light/air permeability.

Please fill in the maximum coil dimensions you require.

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